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Photocatalytic Coating Solution (Coating Construction)

We provide Photocatalytic Coating Solution.
We are Producer, Manufacturer.

In addition to providing products, we believe that the profits of our clients are also our profits, and we also strive to revitalize on technical support for long-term relationship development.

[PALCCOAT features]
・ Sustainable technology that utilizes the power of nature (light).
・ Maintaining high quality.
・ 20 years of achievements.
・ Nano-sized titanium dioxide and high transparency, therefore it's a high activity.
・It is a surface top coat, it can be covered with a 100% titanium dioxide crystal film.
・Excellent self binding capabilities without any organic solvent binder.
・High safety: Acute oral toxicity test, Mutagenicity test, Primary skin test cleared.

[PALCCOAT two of main effect]
(1) Decomposing Ability
-Application: Mainly interior coating.
・ Decompose Organic Substances, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Water Purification, Air Purification (VOC removal), etc.

(2) Hydrophilic Properties
-Application: Mainly exterior wall coating.
・ Antifouling (self-cleaning function).
・ Antifogging and Antifouling Glass Coating (self-cleaning function).

** Product Outline **
Photocatalytic Coating Solution Sales and Coating Construction

We propose a comfortable living environment for people through the world-class "photocatalyst" technology discovered and developed in Japan, and hope to contribute to society as much as possible by purifying the environment.

Our original brand "Photocatalyst PALCCOAT (R)" series is a water-based coating solution, which has been highly trusted due to its 20 years of construction and product development results. We have also been providing stable service to foreign companies for about twenty years as well.

The photocatalyst "PALCCOAT (R)" is a trademark that can only be used by members certified by the PALCCOAT Group Headquarters operated by us.

We are regular member of Photocatalyst Industry Association of Japan (PIAJ).

Please contact us for more details.
info (at) palccoat.com